Nintendo Switch – Happy Days Are Here Again?


By now, everyone interested has seen the Nintendo Switch presentation, watched the videos, analyzed the games, and come to their own conclusions.

Here’s mine.

The short of it is – I haven’t been this interested in a video game system since the original Wii.  The Switch might appear gimmicky at a glance, but I believe there is potential for much more hiding within this system.

I can’t really hide the fact that I am a dyed-in-the-wool Nintendo loyalist, and I will most likely buy whatever they put out, as my Virtual Boy (lovingly nicknamed “The Eye-Stabbing Paperweight”) will attest.  With that being said, however, I wasn’t in a rush to buy the Wii U during the holiday season of 2012.  The games looked okay, but nothing I needed to have right away, and I didn’t end up getting one until next Christmas.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I love my Wii U.  I have spent many hours learning the ropes on Splatoon and even got my wife to play Pikmin 3 with me.  And I love that the game pad can be used as a second TV screen (so the kids can watch Netflix while the adults watch whatever we want!)  Unfortunately, the system didn’t exactly scream “BUY ME”.  The central gimmick wasn’t that impressive on the box, and only one Wii U pad could work with the system at one time while the other players had to use Wii remotes, making multiplayer something of an “Animal Farm” recreation (some controllers are more equal than others.)

The Switch literally has that solution built in to it.  This is a system that invites people to play it in a very insistent manner.  Since the system can be played in such a variety of positions, there are almost no excuses for not letting your friends play.  I already own a copy of Mario Kart 8, and I am strongly considering buying it again for the Switch if only so I can play it with friends using the tabletop setting.  That’s how interested I am in this system.

There have been some complaints about the anemic lineup at launch, but I seriously doubt I’ll be finished playing Breath of the Wild before the end of March.  I’m considering picking up 1-2-Switch as well.  It honestly seems less like a video game and more like a party game, but that’s just fine by me.  The first trailer made me think it would be a fun game to play with a group of people and I may just do that.  ARMS looks interesting, and launches before the end of April.  I’m hoping for a paradigm-breaking fighting game with depth and a good amount of content.  Early reviews indicate that this may be the case, with one review stating that ARMS does the same for fighting games that Splatoon did for competitive shooters (which as about as good an endorsement as I can think of).  My only concern is the amount of content, but I am sure that there are other fighters, upgrades, and game modes that will be revealed closer to the street date.  The Switch version of Mario Kart 8 also launches before the end of April, and I have already mentioned my interest in that game despite it being a glorified port.  Splatoon 2 is a no-brainer (with a test-fire coming shortly after the Switch launches!), and I am beyond thrilled to see a return to form with Xenoblade Chronicles 2, a direct sequel to one of my favorite games of all time.  And I don’t think there is a gamer alive who isn’t interested in Super Mario Odyssey.  These games are somewhat spread out, but that just means I’ll have more time to enjoy them before the next big release.  And it appears there will be more third party support than before, so the space between big Nintendo releases will hopefully be filled by some AAA third party games (how about a Switch version of Overwatch?  Please?)

So that’s my assessment.  I am personally counting down the days until I can pick up my new system (pre-ordered the day after the announcement!)  Hope to see you all make the Switch on launch day!


~ by Chris on February 22, 2017.

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