Godzilla: Tokyo SOS (2003)

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Since “Godzilla X Mechagodzilla” was as successful as it was, Toho decided to break the trend they had started with the Millennium series and ordered a direct sequel.  Mothra was added to the mix with the popular Kiryu, and the movie contains several references to the original “Mothra”, serving as sort of a sequel to that movie.  This movie features the return of actor Hiroshi Koizumi reprising the role of Professor Chujo from “Mothra”.

Kiryu is returned to its hangar after the final battle in “Godzilla X Mechagodzilla” severely damaged.  The Absolute Zero Cannon is ruined beyond repair, and the public begins to worry that there will be nothing to save them should Godzilla reappear.  As repairs begin, the twin fairies appear to warm humanity that the original Godzilla’s bones must be returned to the sea.  Mothra is angry because the dead have been disrespected, and may not defend humanity in the future if her wish is not complied with.  Repairs continue on Kiryu anyway, and the metal titan is outfitted with a Hyper Maser Cannon to replace the Absolute Zero Cannon.  Kiryu’s pilot Azusa is reassigned, and she meets Kiryu’s new engineer, Yoshido Chujo, in the hangar.  She tells Yoshido that she feels Kiryu doesn’t want to fight anymore, and should be laid to rest.  The carcass of a giant turtle, Kameobas, washes up on shore with claw marks on its neck, signalling that Godzilla is nearby.  Soon enough, the monster appears but the government is hesitant to launch Kiryu due to Mothra’s warning.  Yoshido’s nephew, Shun, along with Shun’s grandfather, Dr. Shinichi Chujo, arrange desks to form Mothra’s symbol, which will summon the giant moth.  Mothra appears and begins battling Godzilla.

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Mothra holds her own until she begins slowing down from old age.  As Godzilla gains the upper hand, Kiryu is launched to aid Mothra.  As Godzilla and Kiryu battle, a giant egg hatches on Mothra’s island, revealing two larvae who make their way toward Japan.  After a fierce battle, Kiryu is knocked offline and Godzilla turns his attention to Mothra.  The larvae arrive and attempt to fight Godzilla, but Mothra shields her offspring from one of Godzilla’s nuclear blasts and dies in the process.  Yoshido drops from a plane to get Kiryu back online, and is trapped inside the cyborg as it reactivates and battles Godzilla some more.  The Mothra larvae wrap Godzilla in a cocoon and render him helpless.  Godzilla roars, which causes Kiryu to lose control again.  However, the spirit of the original Godzilla really does want to be put to rest as it gathers up Godzilla and heads out for sea.  Yoshido is ready to die with Kiryu, but his colleagues manage to blast open a door on Kiryu, then the cyborg itself dumps Yoshido onto a rescue craft, sending him a farewell message on a computer screen.  Yoshido is saved and Godzilla and Kiryu sink to the bottom of the ocean.  In a post credits scene, it is revealed that the Japanese military has several vials of monster DNA, and have the ability to create an army of monsters.

“Tokyo SOS” suffers from many of the same problems that “Godzilla vs. Mothra” suffered from.  This movie feels like a remake of “Mothra vs. Godzilla” with Mechagodzilla stuck in for good measure.  It spends a lot of time referencing what came before, and doesn’t tread much new ground.  Sadly, there are many interesting plot threads that are not really followed up on.  Mothra turning against humanity is brought up, but nothing every really happens in that regard.  There would have been several opportunities to expand on the “Life vs. Death” debate from the previous movie, but these roads are never taken and the character Azusa is reduced to a cameo in favor of another female lead that isn’t quite as interesting.  The post credit sequence was a great set-up, but again, nothing came of it.  Despite this, the fight scenes are well done, and Mothra looks about as good as she ever has.  “Tokyo SOS” had potential, but ultimately just proves to be an average sequel.

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The dead monster on the beach was supposed to be Anguirus, but that monster proved popular so the relatively unknown Kameobas, from “Space Amoeba” was used instead.

The Mothra larvae’s eyes turn red after their mother dies.  This sort of parallels how Kiryu’s eyes turn red when it is berserk.

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