Godzilla vs. Spacegodzilla (1994)

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After three successful films starring monsters brought back from the Showa series, Toho decided to take a gamble on another new monster.  Spacegodzilla, Godzilla’s evil twin (from space!) would be the first new creature to headline a movie since Biollante.  In many ways, this movie was a throwback to the Godzilla movies of the late 60’s and early 70’s, with a space monster and sidekick in the robot MOGUERA.

A large, crystalline object hurtles through space, firing smaller bits of crystal towards Earth.  Meanwhile, G-Force is pouring resources into two anti-Godzilla projects.  Project T, headed by Miki Segusa, is an attempt to use telepathy to dissuade Godzilla from attacking populated areas.  Project MOGUERA sees the creation of a new anti-Godzilla robot to replace the lost Mechagodzilla.  Two G-Force members, Koji Shinjo and Kiyoshi Sato, are sent to Birth Island to plant a psychic amplifier on Godzilla.  While there, they meet Akira Yuki, an off-kilter military man with a massive grudge against Godzilla, and Little Godzilla, the baby from the previous movie.  The amplifier is successfully planted on Godzilla, and Miki has some success controlling him, but she is unable to hold him for too long due to some interference from another scientist.  Before they can try again, Spacegodzilla lands near a set of crystal formations it had sent to Earth beforehand.  Godzilla and Spacegodzilla battle, and Godzilla is defeated and Little Godzilla placed in a crystal cage.  The Cosmos appear to Miki and warn that Spacegodzilla is malevolent, and will destroy the Earth if not stopped.

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Scientists study Spacegodzilla’s cells and discover they are almost the same as Godzilla’s.  It is theorized that some of Godzilla’s cells flew through space, taken there by either Biollante or Mothra, and fell into a black hole and out a white hole.  The cells combined with a crystalline life form and created Spacegodzilla, who is focused on killing Godzilla to prove it is superior.  Miki’s colleague reveals he is actually a member of the Yakuza, the Japanese mafia, who are interested in using her to control Godzilla for their own purposes.  G-Force saves Miki and sets a plan in motion to battle Spacegodzilla.  MOGUERA, piloted by Shinjo, Sato, and Yuki, is sent to battle Spacegodzilla.  However, Yuki diverts course and attacks Godzilla instead.  He reveals that his friend was one of the soldiers that injected Godzilla with the Anti-Nuclear Bacteria from “Godzilla vs. Biollante”, and he was killed in the rampage.  Yuki is primed for revenge, but his co-pilots subdue him and return MOGUERA to its course.  MOGUERA battles Spacegodzilla, and Godzilla joins the fray, but ultimately, Godziila is destroyed.  Godzilla continues to battle Spacegodzilla, and finally manages to defeat the creature by using his red “Spiral Breath”.

If “Godzilla vs. Gigan” and “Godzilla vs. Megalon” had more budget, they would look like this movie.  “Godzilla vs. Spacegodzilla” is an exercise in audacity from start to finish.  Spacegodzilla’s origin is absurd (black holes don’t work that way!)  In addition, the human plot is a mess.  Yuki claims he can kill Godzilla with a blood coagulant, but nothing is made of this later, nor is it ever stated whether or not it would even be successful.  The Yakuza plotline comes from nowhere and serves little purpose, and Miki’s psychic powers are overused compared to previous films.  The real strength of this movie is in the monsters themselves.  Spacegodzilla is a design that really shouldn’t work, and yet somehow manages to be genuinely imposing.  MOGUERA is also an interesting robot; it has an array of weapons and can transform into two vehicles.  There really isn’t much like it in the Godzilla universe.  While the movie is definitely flawed, it a fun ride, and should really be watched with the mindset of the late Showa movies in mind.  After this movie, many people wondered aloud what Toho would do with Godzilla next, and they got their shocking answer…

…Toho planned to kill him.

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Spacegodzilla’s design is similar to the design of Super Godzilla from the Super Nintendo game of the same name.  That game featured Godzilla fighting familiar foes, and powering up at the end to fight longtime Toho placeholder Bagan.

The concept of a gang leader using a giant monster as an enforcer was revised years later in the IDW comic, “Gangsters and Goliaths”.

MOGUERA is based on a robot, named Moguera, from an older Toho invasion movie called “The Mysterians”.

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