Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla (1993)

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With the massive success of the last two movies, Godzilla had become a very marketable franchise once again.  The next movie would be a celebration of Godzilla’s 40th anniversary (despite being a year early…)  Three classic monsters would be brought back: Rodan, Mechagodzilla, and the Son of Godzilla.  Combined with a cameo appearance by Mecha-King Ghidorah, no less than five monsters appear in the movie, and the Godzilla suit had been altered in ways that allowed Godzilla to turn his head more.  This subtle addition gave him a greater degree of expression than before.

Scientists have recovered the remains of Mecha-King Ghidorah, and set about studying the futuristic technology that was used to build it.  After much research, a powered jet called the Garuda was created, but it was deemed not powerful enough to successfully battle Godzilla.  Eventually, a robot Godzilla, called Mechagodzilla, was constructed, and a task force was created to pilot the robot.  Kazuma Aoki, pteranodon enthusiast and the designer of Garuda, was drafted into the task force, called G-Force, along with Miki Segusa, who seems to have developed a psychic link with Godzilla over the years.  Meanwhile, a team of scientists exploring Adona Island find several pteranodon skeletons, along with a hatched egg and an intact one.  The crew are attacked by Rodan, a large pteranodon-like creature that the main scientist theorizes was irradiated while inside the egg.  Rodan attempts to chase the scientists off, but Godzilla appears to battle Rodan, and the scientists leave the island with the egg.  Kazuma is fascinated by the egg, as well as the scientist Azusa who is studying it.  The egg appears to “like” Azusa, and after Miki makes a tape of psychic children singing to the egg, it hatches and reveals a Baby Godzilla inside.  Godzilla appears, looking for the baby, and Mechagodzilla is sent to intercept.  They battle, and Godzilla defeats the giant robot while searching for the baby.  Miki senses the baby is calling to Godzilla psychically, and when it is shielded in a psychic barrier, Godzilla loses track and leaves.

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As scientists study the baby, they discover it has a second brain in its lower body.  They theorize that Godzilla must have one as well that could be used as a weak point.  Since the baby Godzilla is crying to Godzilla psychically, it is used to lure Godzilla into the open, against Miki’s wishes.  A new weapon is added to Mechagodzilla, the G-Crusher, and it is deployed, but Rodan reappears after absorbing a great deal of radiation to become Fire Rodan.  Fire Rodan battles Mechagodzilla and allows Godzilla to escape, but Rodan is mortally wounded in the process.  Godzilla then returns to face Mechagodzilla, but Kazuma arrives in the Garuda and combines the ship to the robot, creating Super Mechagodzilla.  The upgraded machine pelts Godzilla with lasers until it is able to use the G-Crusher to fell Godzilla.  After a brutal onslaught, Godzilla finally dies and the humans congratulate themselves.  However, Rodan returns to Godzilla’s body, and using the last of its strength, sheds the radiation from its body and revives Godzilla.  The behemoth stands, fully healed, and uses its new powered up beam to destroy Mechagodzilla.  Godzilla then escorts the baby Godzilla out to sea, indicating he will care for the young creature as its own.

“Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla” is a spectacular movie, filled with large explosions and fun fight scenes.  Mechagodzilla is a well-designed mech, featuring a sleeker design than the clunky 70’s Mechagodzilla.  The robot also features a new origin as a superweapon created by the UN to battle Godzilla, which fits well into the slightly more grounded Heisei series.  The return of Rodan is also welcome, as is the excellent score by Akira Ifukube, which features a powerful new Mechagodzilla theme, as well as Rodan’s theme and even a small reprise of King Ghidorah’s theme during its cameo at the beginning.  While the previous movies in the Heisei series had made small references to other movies in the series, this move heavily relies on continuity, with events from previous movies important to the plot.  This helped to establish a strong connection between the Heisei movies, and the next two in the series would repeat this trend.  “Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla” is probably the best movie in the Heisei series, and should not be missed by any Godzilla fan!

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The American release was titled “Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla II”, despite not having any connection plot-wise to the original.  The English dub is also the first time that the pteranodon creature is referred to by its Japanese name, Radon.

While Godzilla has suffered a few defeats, and has been contained or chased off by other opponents, Super Mechagodzilla is the only monster on record to actually kill Godzilla (though it obviously didn’t last).

At one point, Mechagodzilla was going to split into two different machines.  MOGUERA in the next movie has this ability.

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